Talent Development

Coming here as a creator means doing creative things with outstanding people.

A group of people with dreams gathered here If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and an open mind, welcome to join us!

Doudou Growth Plan

Our school enrollment training program aims to cultivate dream-making successors who recognize the dream-making culture and are capable and literate through the form of team building, learning, game evaluation, mentor leadership. Let new school recruits be able to "learn while playing, play while learning", stimulating interest in learning, competitive awareness and sense of team honor.

Open Day

Open Day, as a platform for the communication between iDreamSky management and employees, is committed to conveying company information, strategy and management concepts. At the same time, through the 1v1 survey and the satisfaction questionnaire survey, the questions and doubts raised by employees will also be answered. Open Day has become a bridge between management and employees to establish communication.

Employee Events

  • Annual Gala

    Annual Gala

    The annual meeting is a grand ceremony which has a different gameplay each time, such as walking the red carpet to win the grand prize, fun sports meeting, Gothenburg construction, music festival, game party. It's all a cinch!

  • Family Day

    Family Day

    Invite the family of friends to the company to understand the dream-making culture and feel the working atmosphere.

  • Annual Team Building

    Annual Team Building

    Take a partner, choose your own route, leave your busy work and embark on a pleasant journey. Your work also requires a break.

  • Culture and Sports Association

    Culture and Sports Association

    Football, basketball, badminton, yoga, and more...

  • Festival Events

    Festival Events

    May 1 event. Various large and small days and festivals, such as Girls' Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day...