Technology Empowers Digital Ecosystem, Innovation Leads Consumption Upgrade


The 2021 China Game Industry Annual Conference was held in Guangzhou on December 16. Gao Liandun, co-founder and president of iDreamSky, delivered a speech at the conference on the theme of "Technology Empowers Digital Ecosystem, Innovation Leads Consumption Upgrade".

Gao Liandun said that around 2000, the Chinese game market was impoverished, but the achievement of the mobile Internet has promoted the development of the Chinese game market. After the continuous efforts of its predecessors in the game industry, China ultimately has become a global game powerhouse.

The "2021 China Game Industry Report" shows that the actual sales revenue of China's game market in 2021 was 296.513 billion yuan, which was 17.826 billion yuan more than in 2020 with a 6.4% increase. Although income still maintained growth, the growth rate decreased by nearly 15% compared with the same period last year, under the influence of the gradual decline of the housing economy effect and the decline in the number of popular products. At the same time, the number of game users in China has also maintained steady growth. The number of users has reached 666 million with 0.22% of the yearly increase, and the number of users has gradually become saturated. With implementing new anti-addiction regulations and the gradual deepening of uninsured work, the user structure will further tend to be healthy and reasonable.

Gao Liandun says that the iteration of the game industry stems from the iteration of technology. Without the development of smart phones and the mobile Internet, it would be difficult for China's game industry to achieve its current status. The slowdown in user growth also means the disappearance of the demographic dividend, and the industry is looking for the next growth point.

Gao Liandun also pointed out that the idea of meta-universe is worth pondering in the industry, which means related technological developments have reached a critical stage with the advancement of infrastructure. If China does not seize the opportunity and continue to exert its advantages, we may miss the historical opportunity and the market position achieved by our predecessors.

It can easily be seen that Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Google and other technology giants have deployed the Metaverse and strategically positioned the "next-generation computing platform". According to Bloomberg Industry Research statistics, the market size of Metaverse-related businesses will reach US$800 billion in 2024; rapidly expand to US$1.5 trillion in 2030, and nearly double in six years.

Gao Liandun said a metaverse is a place where the real and the virtual coexist, and games are closely related to it. When referring to the metaverse, practitioners often think of MMO games. Characteristics of the open-world make MMO games and the metaverse very similar in form. Practitioners are also responsible for thinking about the shape of the Chinese metaverse.

In Gao Liandun's view, the metaverse should have various forms and should not be limited to MMOs or games only. It can also be videos, communities, etc. The metaverse is not a pure virtual world, but an interaction between the virtual world and the real world. Users hope that friends in the real world can go to the virtual world, and they also hope that friends in the virtual world can come to reality, and this is the better form of the metaverse.

iDreamSky does not limit itself to games, but positions itself as an entertainment platform that provides a variety of scenarios, from online to offline, from virtual to reality, and the integration of virtual and real coexistence.

Although the market faces many uncertainties, iDreamSky has insisted on two things since its establishment.

The first is the boutique route. iDreamSky holds high-quality IP resources. From online games such as "Subway Surfers", "Monument Valley" and "Gardenscapes" to today's offline business QQfamily, iDreamSky has extended more scenarios and platforms through high-quality IP resources, providing users with a richer content experience.

The second is to extend users' life cycle. Through the opening of QQfamily, iDreamSky has entered the consumer industry that is one of the anti-cyclical industries.

Gao Liandun said: We are all thinking about how to build a healthier industry with both competition and harmony, while also focusing on the present and the future. The physical and mental health of practitioners! To fight a hard battle, we must have multiple strong legions, and these legions must have strong soldiers! "

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