Cooperating with the world's three major host manufacturers to create a dream world and explore a new model of console development


On December 15th, the Console Game Industry Future Forum hosted by the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, hosted by the Game Publishing Working Committee of the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, and especially supported by the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Tencent, Microsoft Xbox & E-Home Entertainment, iDreamSky and other companies, ended successfully in Guangzhou.

In the global game market, console games have always been an important game platform, and this platform has produced a large number of immortal game masterpieces with great sense of technology and artistry.

Third-party data shows that in the global game market, consoles account for about 29% of all games. China is already the world's largest game market, accounting for about 34% of the global game market. However, regarding console games, Chinese console games account for only about 4% of the global market share, and it still has huge room for development.

Gao Liandun, co-founder and president of iDreamSky, pointed out that becoming a big game country means more market share, but becoming a strong game country means using IP and premium content to seize everyone's minds. When any culture expands overseas, it is not enough to just make mobile phones. It is also necessary to enter the console market.

Console games are synonymous with premium content. Games belong to the content industry, and with the core competitiveness of the content industry being IP, console games are a category that constantly generates core IP. The immersion and interactive experience brought to users are unmatched by other categories. As Chinese manufacturers increase their investment in games, there are also manufacturers in China that have developed console games, and cases of mobile games changing to consoles have also appeared in the industry. The research and development capabilities of Chinese manufacturers are being recognized globally.

In the era of content being king, high-quality content has become the keyword in the game industry. In Gao Liandun's view, high-quality content refers not only to rich content but also to a diversified experience. Users always hope to obtain rich content experiences online and offline through multiple channels. Additionally, the carrier of content is also diversified, which can be mobile games, console games, or trendy games with IP.

From the perspective of mobile games, the domestic game industry is facing the problem of high traffic costs, and the industry has to explore more development paths. The dilemma practitioners are experiencing is that the cost of buying volume is getting higher and higher, and game manufacturers have to increase user LTV, but higher LTV also means the risk of user loss.

He said that in 2017, iDreamSky has entered the offline business to explore console and trendy games. Trendy Game also allows practitioners to see another possibility to broaden the realization boundary, that is, high-quality IP can be realized in the form of derivatives.

Wen Yongsheng, CEO of Shenzhen iDreamSky Entertainment Co., Ltd. and head of iDreamSky's offline business, pointed out that compared with traditional mobile games, console games have healthier content and stronger interactivity. The future growth of console games will first come from the user group. A large number of users with consumption power still have a blank understanding of console products. After these users understand console games, they will promote the growth of the console game market.

Wen Yongsheng also pointed out that there have been significant changes in domestic consumption and retail markets; that is, users rarely bring friends and relatives to their homes. The function of the living room is extended to other places, such as shopping centers, restaurants, and bars, which play the role of the living room. iDreamSky offline store creates a "second living room" for users based on console content and trendy games.

Since its establishment, iDreamSky has insisted on doing two things.

The first is the boutique route. iDreamSky holds high-quality IP resources. From online games such as "Subway Surfers", "Monument Valley" and "Gardenscapes" to today's offline business QQfamily, iDreamSky has extended more scenarios and platforms through high-quality IP resources, providing users with a richer content experience.

The second is to extend users' life cycle. Through the opening of QQfamily, iDreamSky has entered the consumer industry that is one of the anti-cyclical industries.

As an industry-leading digital entertainment platform, iDreamSky offline store has created a unique experience + retail model, providing console game experience, console and trendy games retail services. iDreamSky currently has  12 offline stores. In 2021, the key cities for iDreamSky's layout were located in Guangdong area. In the future, iDreamSky will expand offline stores to more cities.

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