QTX "2021NIGHTS" Trendy Play Exhibition ended perfectly!


From November 17, 2021 to November 18, 2021, the QTX "2021NIGHTS" Designer Toy Exhibition, jointly organized by iDreamSky and Tencent in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park, concluded perfectly.

The unique design of 8 main booths with intensive sale events of limited edition designer toys attracted more than 3,000 "trendsetters" in Kexing Science Park. Let's review the exhibition today!

iDreamSky and Tencent will co-host QTX 2022

QTX (QQ TOYS EXPO) Designer Toy Exhibition, organized by QQ STUDIOS, iDreamSky, ISUX Design, and YCG, is a large online and offline exhibition that brings together the industry's most HIT designer toys, starting with the QQ penguin IP image alliance.

QTX "2021NIGHTS" is a warm-up event for QTX Designer Toy Exhibition in 2022. At the exhibition, iDreamSky and Tencent conducted a strategic signing ceremony and announced that they will jointly host QTX 2022, which means that the cooperation between the two parties goes further. iDreamSky and Tencent will surely bring a new trendy art experience for all toy lovers.

Speaking of which, we also want to update a piece of good news for everyone: the preparation of QTX 2022 is in full swing!


QQ Toys–Expo Review

The QTX "2021NIGHTS" exhibition involved 8 famous toy exhibitors, including QQ Toys, IATOYS, SGL, UNBOX, LTNC, Mighty Jaxx, Red Society Animation Toys, and HYK.

Among them, QQ Toys is a designer toy brand built with the Tencent QQ penguin IP image alliance as the core starting point, which has multiple series of original IPs, including QQfamily, PUPU ALIENS, QQ Emoticons, and so on.

On November 8, iDreamSky entered into a licensing agreement with Tencent for the "QQ Images Series" toy product. In the future, iDreamSky will be permitted to use the QQ Images Series to plan, produce and sell related toy products. Sales channels will include all channels confirmed by Tencent, both online and offline, and not limited to iDreamSky's own channels and cooperative distribution channels with third parties.

"Play Together" is the first experiential entertainment retail district in China, created by iDreamSky in collaboration with Tencent, Nintendo, Sony, and other world-renowned companies. In March this year, the "Play Together" business obtained the license of QQfamily IP. In July, the QQfamily flagship store was officially opened with the designer toy business first superimposed.

At the QTX "2021NIGHTS" exhibition, the QQ Toys booth brought a lot of surprises for all trendsetters on site. The Year of the Tiger QQ doll "Tiger Goose" was available for purchase ahead of time; "HUPU" made its debut, and there were also QQ X BE@RBRICK Valentine Edition, QQ X TINTOWN Polar Expedition, QQ X LINE FRIENDS Naughty Friends, and PUPU ALIENS Famous Goose series available for sale in limited quantities.

Sale Events & Interactions

At the 2-day QTX "2021NIGHTS" exhibition, the exhibitors brought not only exquisite toys and artworks for the audiences. They also prepared intensive limited-time raffling events of limited quantity. Let's take a look at them!

Q-Tiger Series - Sausage Tiger gave its blockbuster debut in the "2021 NIGHTS" exhibition. As soon as this cute Sausage Tiger appeared, trendsetters who wanted to buy it started forming an endless line. It was no doubt a center on stage!

PUPU ALIENS Famous Goose Sale - The popular series Famous Goose was on sale, limited to 60 per day. Trendsetters on site were all eager to draw the qualifications for purchase. Right the time to test your luck!

QTX Lucky Draw - Multiple gifts given for free. QTX "2021NIGHTS" exhibition prepared a number of limited gifts for the audiences. In addition to QTX 2022 admission ticket voucher, there are also limited toys including QQ X TINTOWN Polar Expedition blind box, the limited Year of the Tiger Chinese zodiac dolls, and the QQ X Linefriends series in the lucky draw pool.

Prototype Painting - As a must-join event of QTX, figure prototype painting in QTX "2021NIGHTS" exhibition set off a DIY craze.

Ten Million Level Media Exposure

From the warm-up of the QTX "2021NIGHTS" Designer Toy Exhibition to its successful conclusion, the exhibition has attracted a lot of attention inside and outside the industry. As of November 25, the total exposure on the internet has already exceeded 10 million. Authoritative media including Shenzhen TV Station, Shenzhen Evening News, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, and Nanfang Daily all have reported on the event. A number of million-level KOL bloggers have produced quality content. Many on-site audiences have also posted wonderful UGC content on social media platforms.

A Must-Go at Night

Another highlight of the QTX "2021NIGHTS" exhibition was the neon light at night. The 1.5-meter high neon light installation has already become a mecca for everyone.

The QTX "2021NIGHTS" Designer Toy Exhibition has officially come to an end. Thank you to all audiences for your support of the event, and to all the exhibiting brands and every staff member for your efforts! Your valuable comments and suggestions are always welcome at our Wechat official account and our FUTU account "Idreamsky Technology Co., Ltd".

QTX 2022 is under preparation, and we hope to bring you a more perfect trendy art experience. See you at QTX 2022!


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