Super Animal Royale has won the 2021 Golden Plume Award; iDreamSky will dig more deeply into competitive games to reach integrated development


Congratulations to Super Animal Royale
for winning Players' Favorite Online Game
in the 2021 Golden Plume Award

Super Animal Royale, iDreamSky's self-developed competitive game, has reached 3.5 million users in three months after its launch on May 13, 2021. As a 2D top-view shooting game, Super Animal Royale uses its beautiful and cute drawing to provide players with a relaxed gaming pace. Each game will have 64 players joining a battle royale as animals. Compared to other intensive competitive games, Super Animal Royale is more relaxed and fun to play by allowing players to finish one game in 6 minutes. Players can fully enjoy the game while avoiding over-depression when fail.

Except for Super Animal Royale, iDreamSky has also launched several competitive games. iDreamSky's first self-developed RTS game, Art of War 3, has held 6 tournaments in Wuhan, Xi'an, Shanghai, Chengdu, Changsha, and Shenzhen, which greatly stimulated players' enthusiasm, boosted product popularity and player activity, and continuously gathered player traffic, bringing multiple benefits to the game's development.

On August 30, 2021, iDreamSky announced a strategic partnership with Tencent, granting Tencent the distribution rights for the mobile and client versions of the self-developed competitive game CALABIYAU in mainland China.

As iDreamSky continues to increase its investment in competitive products, future competitive games will interact with players more closely with the help of e-sport platforms, promote the cultivation of core player groups, and gradually build a flowing ecological cycle of "game - e-sports - players".

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